Physiological Aspects of a Modern Man
Environmental degradation is called the main reason that led to the deterioration of the health of modern man. Drinking spring water, breathing fresh air is undoubtedly important, but in my opinion, ecology environment is not the reason that led humanity
to the present state of health. The most important theme issue remained outside the purview of scientists. This is the theme of physical environment. Hundreds of times
we've heard the phrase: "An important problem of modern man is the lack of physical activity." And indeed, only a hundred years ago 96% of the work person did himself, using his hands and muscles. Today it is redirected to numerous machines and mechanisms.
Heavy, exhausting work satisfied no one. It leveled and killed people, they were
worn out by this work. Many years human thought worked on to get rid of hard labor.
And this is the background that does not allow us to realize a new problem.
The objective reality is that man getting rid of the enormous workload then gets to the other extreme. His body is transformed and looks incomplete. The problem is that our body is a self-regulating system, sharply reacting to the rise of carbon dioxide in the venous blood. This rise is always under load. The better is the load, the higher is the level of carbon dioxide, and the greater is the artery supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients. The brain automatically reads the information on the level of carbon dioxide and gives the appropriate command on the smooth muscles of the entire arterial system.
Without this system of self-control our body does not master any one load. This mechanism creates the feeling that athletes call "second wind". Reducing the load to which humanity has been exposed for hundreds of years, has led to a natural decrease in carbon dioxide and, therefore, a considerable narrowing of the arterial circulatory system. This is the very reason of all the problems of modern man, because blood circulation is based on everything: memory, smell, taste (as in childhood), and correct metabolic processes.
Doctor Zalmanov says: “A healthy person has normal circulation of blood. Slow circulation a sick man has. No circulation a dead man has."
Physical culture and sports in a given state are only fragmentary. Professional athletes after their athletic careers fall into a deadlock themselves, and they cannot be saved by
the tools of the modern medicine. Conscious transformation with a particular activity is
the only way out. Any breathing exercises can be such an activity.
The proposed gymnastics "Breath of Life» has some significant differences and fundamental advantages:
* it can be mastered during one lesson
* it demands on our attention only for 15 minutes a day
* it does not cause drastic reactions of recovery (nausea, vomiting, headaches)
* it does not need to do all your life
* it gives a perfect result
And yet the use of such exercises in the adult population requires a commitment and attention, which, unfortunately, many modern people simply do not. Therefore, the possibility of applying this method unconsciously, in the form of a game is an essential complement. (in kindergarten or elementary school).
Then the development and work with the method would become a professional duty of teachers and educators. And you would be able to see various possibilities and prospects.

“Breath of Life” as a Method of Radical Change of Health
Mankind has long pointed out the possibility of breathing in the recovery of human being. And the question is not what to prefer: deep or shallow breathing. It is important to understand the mechanisms of self-regulation of the body, and to make use of them correctly and entirely.
What happens to us during a particular breath? What is the reaction of the organism in respiratory rate, physical activity, running? All this must be understood. Our breath is composed of inhalation and exhalation. During inhalation oxygen saturates the blood, then the blood through the heart supplied by the central arteries to a system of smaller arterial vessels, and further- to a complex capillary system, which delivers oxygen to virtually every cell in our body. Cells absorb oxygen and emit product
castings – air carbon dioxide slag. This gas is carried away by the venous capillaries
in the central vein and released into the atmosphere through the lungs for exhalation. Thus, gas exchange occurs in the body.
It is important to say that a healthy body always contains high levels of carbon dioxide and any physical activity leads to further growth. Getting rid of the slag is improved.
On the one hand, the high level of carbon dioxide is a true indication of the increasing physical stress in the body; on the other hand, it is a signal to activate the automatic system of self-regulation. The higher is the level of carbon dioxide the wider are the arterial capillaries and the better is blood circulation.
In ancient times, people had to work hard and move a lot. The high level of carbon
dioxide in the venous blood provided them with excellent circulation and good supply of oxygen. Modern human body is less active.
Cells cannot get rid of toxins. Brain, stomach and heart are working poorly. Metabolic processes are violated, the spine immobilized. Now, irritability, insomnia, fears and obsessions, the noise in the head and throbbing in the temples are our constant companions.
A huge number of diseases attacks the body: from allergies and degenerative disc, disease to hemorrhoids and cancer. Gradually, mankind becomes aware of the role of breath in his health. A large number of breathing exercises promoted. Which one to choose? What does more good?
Imagine a man with a usual breathing - about 20 breaths per minute. Make him inhale and exhale into the fullness of light. Failure of the normal rhythm occurs after a deep breath.
What does this mean? Blood is saturated with oxygen at full lung function, and cells receive more nutrition. Hence, deep breathing gets its promotion. But do not rush to conclusions. After taking a deep breath in you're forced to take a deep breath out and thus you may reduce the level of carbon dioxide. If you breathe deeply of one – two minutes at rest, then you may feel the following: the arteries become narrower,
blood flows slow down and you may feel dizzy. There is always a clear dependence of the state of your arteries and the level of carbon dioxide in the organism. It is absolutely necessary to understand that if you're out of the load, your breath should be lightweight and silent - economical on exhalation. Even if you are outdoors or walk along the forest don’t admire how easily and freely you can breathe. Do not breathe deep or you will come home in that condition, which doctors call "weekend syndrome" - with a slight headache. Nevertheless, there are some gymnastics, which are not contrary to the facts that have been said above.
An example of such exercises is yoga. Imagine breathing Yogi, who breathes in
and out five times deeper than you do. His training takes place under the following conditions: 10 seconds - the breath in, 5 seconds - pause, 10 seconds - exhale, 5 seconds - pause. We took an arbitrary rate. Yogis have much more complicated training. And yet it is not difficult to understand that with such a breath per minute there will be made only 2 breathes in and 2 breathes out. Thus it is possible to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide on deep breathing, and thus increase the supply of oxygen. The problem of supplying cells with power is always a problem of circulation. Paul Bragg in his book "The Miracle of fasting" also stands for a deep breath. If, however, you read the book carefully, you'll see, that all the examples in his book suggest that people should perform such breathing only against the background of physical activity. Amos Stagg breathed deeply and regularly ran; James Hocking was a champion for walking long distances.
Nowadays, shallow breathing exercises are also very popular. Its principle is simple: we do30 breaths instead of the usual 20, but two times as easy as our normal breathing. Savings of carbon dioxide will be 5 breaths per minute. But this workout is easy to complicate. But do not get too carried away, because there is an opposite effect: The level of carbon dioxide is high, the arteries are dilated, but there is so little oxygen in the turbulent flow of blood that causes its deficiency in the body.
Thus, shallow breathing requires “the golden mean”, to maintain that is rather difficult. Therefore, the crashes occur in this training, too. However, if we compare these three ways to accumulate carbon dioxide (jogging, deep breathing and shallow breathing), the latter clearly wins. Running is the most wasteful type of training.
It requires a large expenditure of energy; our heart has to work in an intensive mode. But most principal fact is that jogging accustoms human to deep breathing.
After a morning run, taking a shower, feeling fresh and cheerful, we do not even think of those losses that might follow. We sweep from the body the most of carbon dioxide, which is so hard to accumulate. No wonder that in the second half of the day we feel sleepy, and if our body is not young or weakened heart problems may follow. Sometimes people say: "Run to a heart attack.” Deep breathing of yoga also has its disadvantages. Imagine an asthmatic after
taking a break from breathing for 2-3 seconds. He may feel a sharp choking, shortness of breath. How can he overcome these impermissible burdens?
In this sense, shallow breathing is more flexible. You can start training at any level of your health. The most important fact in such breathing is the transformation of everyday breathing. Even one workout removes deep breath and makes it silent and economical.
This workout can be called "run without running”. It allows you to make a powerful
accumulation of carbon dioxide, even in bed. The method gives also a wonderful tool –
the control pause. If you exhale, close your nose and stop breathing, you can easily
go without breathing for a while.
At this point, we live at the expense of oxygen, which is available in the cells of our body. The longer we do not breathe the better the body is equipped with oxygen. A newborn baby cannot breathe after the expiration of five minutes or more. Scientists argue that if the pause is less than 60 seconds, the baby can’t be born alive. That is, all of us living on earth, had this capacity in the first period of our life and lost it due to modern lifestyles.
After we pointed volitional elimination of deep breathing, let's talk about its shortcomings. They lie in the difficulty of learning exercises, in the impossibility to describe it, in degradation, and abrupt and painful reaction of the recovery. All these problems are solved by a new breath. But first, we offer some observations.

Breath of “Grief and Life”
During the life you often have to observe the situation when a person gets into trouble and is psychologically depressed. The reasons of its may be different:
the diseases of the relatives, failed love, some financial losses. Man’s woe can be seen not only in appearance, but also in the way of breathing. This is a breath of "sorrow" when people can groan from time to time.
-Why did he sigh? - People ask me. - What happened to him?
In this case, nobody is interested in the breath. Meanwhile, it is important to pay attention to. The body is in a difficult position, having received stress and is forced to confront it. In this case, the most effective means are to improve nutrition and increase in oxygen consumption. The easiest way to do this is to take a deep breath. People do it. In this case, the body instinctively knows to what deep breathing may lead to, and finds the correct mode of breathing: take a deep breath and switch to normal breathing. Time passes again, again a deep breath in - exhale, and then transition to the usual breathing. Rare deep breaths can not seriously affect the level of carbon dioxide in the venous blood, so the arteries are in a normal state. But now enhanced oxygen supply are going for them, then there is a new piece of life now and then is injected into the body. Thus, the "breath of grief" turns into a "breath of life". This feature of our body, which builds the best achievements of shallow breathing, gives way to our method.

Opportunities of Gymnastics
Blood is about 8.6% of the mass of our body. Blood volume, in the central arteries, does not exceed 10% of its volume; in the central venous blood volume is roughly the same one.The heart works with this 20% of the blood; the remaining 80% are in the power of the capillaries. These are the vessels, which can increase their diameter 2-3 times, expanding or narrowing. The narrowing of the capillaries leads to feebleness of circulation and later (particularly with age) to its stopping. "Drying" of the body because of the constantly narrowed capillaries causes the appearance of atrophied cell islands and the deceleration of vital processes. The age of 40-45 years is always characterized with a massive reduction in the number of open capillaries. As a result of dehydration of tissues and organs a man gets a whole bunch of diseases: hypertension, atherosclerosis, numerous diseases of the joints and many other. This is the mechanism of aging. As you know, for every disease you can use different medicines, and they are not always successful. It is much wiser and useful not to penetrate. In this case it is difficult to revalue the possibility of such prevention, as an influence on the capillaries through respiration. More precisely, there are two ways: either culture breath, or a series of diseases, premature aging and endless taking medicines.
True, you can still do different physical exercises and sport. But they are good for the time being. The first crash: injury, illness or simply fatigue, the cessation of exercises with age - and problems follow one after another. Combining physical exercises with breathing a person gets a present, opening of limitless opportunities for his organism. Well-functioning capillaries improve circulation, restoration, rehydrating and speeds up all physical and chemical reactions, which form the basis of our immune system. Changing the acid-base balance in the body, the man actually becomes quite different. The feeling of lightness appears like the same one that you could have only in childhood. You can also do breathing exercises just lying in bed.
The improved nutrition of the organism will not work out to cope with new physical activity; it will produce free energy for recovery. As a result, the following processes start:
- The decrease of the ingredients’ concentration, stimulating atherosclerosis in blood, reduces the blood clotting;
- The improvement of carbohydrate metabolism promotes digestion of glucose by tissues
- Waste products of cells, including lactic acid are derived from an organism;
- Activation of metabolic processes in bones, muscle and cartilages creates an anesthetic effect;
- Normal tone of the autonomic nervous system and neuropsychic characteristics improve
- The disinfectant action on the airways and lungs, contributing to better discharge of phlegm.
In the autumn of life, small vessels and capillaries, bringing nutrients to tissues and carry away the products of their life, are especially affected."Breath of Life" helps to improve micro- circulation of blood in all organs and tissues, which, in its turn, improves metabolism. Being older, a man has slow metabolism, the metabolic rate decreases, but its increase can slow down pro-aging process and simultaneously restore chronically ill cells, tissues and organs.

Before Starting the Training
Our training combines all best things of the modern world, stored knowledge of the mind and the body. The gist of it is so simple that you can teach "breath of life" yourself.
So, before doing exercises, let’s make simple substitutions. Measure and record your heart beats per minute. Then we proceed to the second measure: inhale, exhale and turn on the stopwatch. Hold your breath as long as you can, with the proviso that, when you start breathing, it will not be jerky and deep. Do not force yourself. It is well known that pearl divers can hold their breath through the pain for a few minutes, but only some of them survive to the age of 40. Feeling the desire to breathe, stop the stopwatch and begin breathing. Now compare how much your measurement is less than 60 seconds, which are considered the minimum standard. You will see how many times less oxygen your body receives and how slower your blood circulation is. Now you have a great opportunity to fix a position. With the start of training measurement control pause will be higher. True, the measurements should not be abused, as it's just a way to control rather than a method of treatment. If you put the thermometer every five minutes, the temperature will not drop. Measurements can be done 1-2 times a month for the sake of curiosity.
It is recommended that you should do the exercise once a day, in the evening. You should train before bedtime, after that you can easily fall asleep.
Training in this way, you can gain 2-4 seconds per month. The results may vary: the pause can rise sharply, and then it decreases or stays still. All this is natural. Gradually you will find that your rate will increase by that amount. When your control pause reaches 30 seconds, adjusting metabolic processes will start: blood changes, bone growth stops (regulation of metabolic processes may cause transient irritation of the skin - rash, which soon will disappear). It may be irritable. So the organism moves to a different level of health.
15 minute trainings once a day is a rather gentle exercise. It is not difficult to guess that a number of trainings may be increased. I want to warn against this "experiment".
Perhaps, you remember when a child you froze the fingers on the street and ran into the house straight to the stove. The sooner the fingers became warm the more you felt pain. Adults made you keep under cold water to slow down blood circulation and avoid pain.
Training of more than 15 minutes a day looks like the finger warming up. It will not do serious harm, but it may cause some unexpected results, that can frighten and repulse once and for all your desire to improve health and physical state.

Indicators of recovery.
This reaction is impossible if you train and do exercises properly (no more than one workout per day). But it may happen to those who want to recover quickly. Read again the beginning of the book and carefully analyze what functional changes happen in the body. It can’t possibly correct everything in one day what you have spoilt for many years. You should work step by step, gradually increase the load. "Breath of Life" isn’t gymnastics "for life", but it demands attention for several months, otherwise, after the first day of an intensive training you may feel irritability, headache, tingling in the heart . You may suffer of insomnia or, on the contrary, become very sleepy. As a result of such a training palpable cleaning organic mechanism begins.
The longer and more a patient has taken drugs, the more severe the disease and the stronger the cleaning organic mechanism is. It looks as if the patient had to overcome tortures: high temperature, indigestion, excessive sweating, diarrhea, appetite loss, bad breath, lethargy, pain in bones and joints. All these reactions of the organism are the result of diseases that the patient has ever suffered, and often, he does not even remember them. And finally, he may suddenly be covered with rash - this last illness is an evidence of allergic diathesis, having been experienced in childhood. According to the method, of the volitional elimination of deep breathing it is considered to be the reaction of recovery.
The gymnastics can cause only a weak echo of those sensations, having been described before. The indicator of health and the basis for peace in this situation can serve your pulse. He is either old or below - above. Experience proves that if there is something wrong in the organism – the pulse changes.

Starting the training
You are to close the mouth. Be patient and try to breathe nasally, even if it is difficult for you. The situation will change significantly in less than five minutes. In the extremely rare cases when the nose is absolutely clogged you can start breathing through the mouth but in two-three days you should turn to the nasal breathing. It is common knowledge that the chronic runny nose, as well as adenoids and polyps appear in the result of deep breathing and, in particular, through the fault of the open mouth. There is a statement that an opened mouth is a direct way to heart attack. Pre-driving breath should be smooth and calm, and it’s very important to be” convenient” for you. Do not try to make it immediately superficial, but convenient. After normalizing the breath, remember and fix it, so that during a workout it does not change. The method is very simple and easy. So, try to do everything as accurately as possible.
You remember your breathing, used to choose a rhythm. Now, we start training. Note the clock time. You will need 15 minutes. Regular habitual inhalation-exhalation then shut down breathing.
You shouldn’t breathe till you feel a slight shortage of breath, or a wish to breathe deeply. Then do the usual breaths, inhaling and exhaling the air. Now the lack of air increases more rapidly as normal breathing is difficult to compensate totally because of long pauses. Again, the usual inhalation-exhalation - and turn off the wind. Growing shortage of air-you want to take a deep breath, it becomes hot. All these are signs of proper training. Again, the usual breaths, but it doesn’t compensate the lack of air. The situation is definitely a dead end. In this case quietly do a slow deep breath in full force of your lungs, slowly exhaling. Everything changes. You become lightweight. Not long after start the training again, drives yourself into a corner, and get out of trouble with deep slow breaths. Repeat the main features of "life breath». A constant shortage of light air, the desire to take a deep breath, feeling hot or stuffy is a necessary convergence The first five minutes are the most difficult. Yes, there is a lack of air, still hot, but it becomes a little easier to control the breath, there is no need for deep breaths. We begin to breathe deeply less often.
During five minute you begin to understand what you can do without deep breaths. Keep the track of time. As soon as the clock will count down 15 minutes, take a deep breath and exhale, stop training. Breathe as you like but not through the mouth.
Following twenty minutes until you have a rest, the body will finish started work , the arteries will expand, respectively, accumulating training levels of CO. It is desirable that you should immediately fall asleep 15 minutes later. If the first days of classes you will experience severe sleepiness, it is necessary to give preference to sleep at the expense of training, as this period is an important adjustment of the nervous system.
Healing process is long and breathing will take months. At different levels of regeneration different events will occur. You shouldn’t worry as the method works gently, you will just feel better and better.
"Breath of Life" - a mass method, which efficiency is proved with a long period of practice: there is no more affordable and perfect way of health improvement. The method gives health, makes the organism protected, "clean", but also leads to a significant rejuvenation and longevity.

Game form “Breath of Life”
This exercise shouldn’t be done with adults, as the great amount of carbon dioxide leads to a powerful impact on the body and may cause such reactions of recovery, as nausea, vomiting, headache. It is impossible to get a new level of health without cleaning the "dirty" body.
Another thing is the child's organism, he is not intoxicated very much and can recover quickly. But here we must be very careful to control the time of the training (no more than 15 minutes a day). Intensive training can cause unpleasant reactions (fever, headache, nausea).
The reaching a new level of health is the strict observance of the recommendations-only one training a day, no more than 15 minutes.
What is the game like?
This training is conducted against the background of any physical exercises (for example, children play with the ball or simply run, play hide and seek). This is a massive method, involving the whole group of children.
The game will last, until a child with the opened mouth appears. It is one of signs of physical tiredness and overloading. In general children’s results may change significantly.
At a signal of the teacher (a whistle or stopping of music), the children are suggested “removing the wind”. This technique is explained in advance. Usually breathing becomes heavy and noisy while training. If you breathe only through the nose and to lift the palm to the nose at a short distance this "wind" is felt on the palm.
To clear the breeze- means to breathe so silently that respiration isn’t felt on the palm. To achieve this requires an effort of this exercise. It will be easy to breathe in two or three minutes and the palm can be hand down.
While playing, it is necessary to remove “the wind" 4-5 times, and later more times. This simple exercise is so effective that for the three months the child's body undergoes cardinal changes. His breathing becomes invisible and inaudible. Adenoids and polyps disappear. Sleep becomes normal. The child has never catching diseases.

Short conclusions
The main reason of physical ailments is hypodynamia.T he only way of solving and resisting this process is breathing.
However, any breathing exercises, no matter how successful they are require time , effort, and will that’s why only a few can change something. The only solution is an unconscious application of the game during any physical activity.
Unconscious work in the form of the game does not require special training. The development of theory or practice will be taking up by professionals.
Such a work can radically change the child's organism and bring it to a new level of health, to adapt to all modern conditions and new environment.

Advantages of practice the game “Breath of Life”
The practical study was carried out in many kindergartens, schools and specialized boarding schools in the Ukraine.
The group may be from twenty children, and more. At first some measurements of pulse and the control pause should be made. These measurements are not binding and have purely cognitive character to receive evidence its harmless, positive nature, and it doesn’t tire children. The measurement of the control pause gives fairly clear information of the children’s state of health and their possibilities.
The method of measuring the control pause was created by famous Dr. Buteyko, the author of the technique of volitional elimination of deep breathing.
After the next inhalation and exhalation a child closes his nose trying not to breathe as long as possible. Time without breathing is a control pause. Experts have proved that a newborn can hold breath about a minute those who cannot do it are born dead.
So the control pause of 60 seconds is considered to be a minimum standard, which every healthy person should have.
The control measurements show the pulse of children varies in the range of 80-120 beats, the average control pause is 10-25 seconds. Thus the measurements of the pulse made before training
in a quiet atmosphere (outside of the load )and results of the control pause become the initial figures of training that will be compared with all following measurements made at the lesson, in a few days, weeks after the start of training. Each training session lasts nearly 15 minutes. However, after this training the concentration of carbon dioxide in venous blood goes up to the maximum and it takes another 20 minutes to activate the mechanism of self-regulation and blood vessels widens adequately to the new level of CO2.
Therefore, after the active phase of training it is recommended to have a rest and relax the following 20 minutes in a quiet place.
As soon as 20 minutes of "relaxation” pass blood vessels will become wider. The training is over. Its results are clear: pink faces, yawning and good mood.
Repeated measurements of heart rate remain the same or go down, a pause always increases. The wider the arteries the easier the blood, that’s why the pulse often drops even after the first class. Later it will be 70-80 beats per minute, sometimes lower.
As for the control pause, it goes up after every training then slowly falls without reaching the previous results. After 3-4 months it will be measured not less than 60 seconds, which indicates that we have reached a new level of health. But the possibilities of "Breath of Life" are still great.
The game “removing the wind” becomes usual very quickly. After a few of trainings the method does not arouse any misunderstanding.
Children willingly perform the exercises, instinctively feeling the rush of energy.
They are energetic, happy and cheerful. In a week this group will differ considerably from the control one. A month later, the difference between them will become obvious and visible to the naked eye.
From the very beginning usually tutors, later parents remark new changes in their children. The children become more confident, less capricious, more affectionate and they are ill very seldom. The control pause in the group generally reaches 20-35 seconds. All these things prove that the method is well-learned and works well. A tutor also needs some to continue further work with the children.

Short conclusions:
The game form "Breath of Life" is really the most simple and effective method of learning to improve our abilities. This method makes our work enjoyable and effective. The results of experiments testified to the fact that, having reached the control pause 60 seconds, the children stopped having colds, their character, psyche changed, there was interest in learning and life.