Practical school of conscious development of academician S. I. Losev.

The motto of the school: it's Time for growth!
Mission: Create betweenlines concept of human development.
Objective : the transition from the world of wrestling into the world of co-creation.
Objective: to Give people the tools for real change.
Value: Independent solution of problems in all spheres of life through Aslogical method to eliminate negative programs.

"This war will be in each individual person. War — with their own ignorance, aggression, irritation. And only a radical transformation of each individual can be the beginning of a peaceful life for all people."


Stanislav Losev – valeolog the master class, specialist of international level, his methodology approved by the International scientific and practical conferences and proven long-term practice.
He is also a member of the National Union of writers of Ukraine, Peru which owns ten fiction books.