Date of birth: 31.05.1945
Education: Higher
Specialty: Valeolog
Academic rank: Academician of MABET (International Academy of Bioenergotherapy)
Academic degree: Doctor of philosophy
Place of residence: Ukraine

Stanislav Ivanovich Losev was born may 31, 1945. One can only guess what the charge of joyful energy is invested in his mother, who lives to enjoy every leaf, every insect. After all, his birth was preceded by the joy of victory, the joy that a big war ends, so the husband-soldier will remain alive. And in the background of this birth was the jubilation of the whole nation.

Hence the son is a dreamer and romantic, traveler and inventor. Therefore, in the age when normal people retire, he goes to University, gets a new profession, makes a number of inventions, creates a number of new products never before seen in gaming Wellness program. And now his house is impossible to catch because he all the time on the road, in ways, among new people and new friends.