Stanislav Losev - member of the national Union of Writers of Ukraine, author of ten fiction books.
His first book was published in publishing house "Donbass" in 1983. It was a collection of short stories "Berry-raspberry".
The last major publication is a book of prose, "Practicing romantic" (published by "Swetlana", Lugansk, 2010).
Currently the author is working on a manuscript with the working title "the Sky beneath our feet".

Details about it says a colleague in Peru, Lugansk writer Leonid Strelnik:


"You see, if to be persistent, even a glance at his feet, having passed through the depths of the Earth, in the end, will find the sky."

Stanislav Losev. This writer belongs to those obsessed with romance and love of life, which, perhaps, now and you will not find in our literature. Amazing unique! I was with him when we first met, for some reason thought I knew him before - so he is sociable, charming, bright and open. Turned out to be a rare coincidence! and his prose is the same: friendly, having empathy, encouraging active optimism, calling to do something extremely pleasant to be around. Enviable powers of observation, innate and polished by years experience the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff - that is, in my opinion, the main thing that allows Stanislav Losev few words to Express many things, even if it slightly, and steeped in sadness, but in the end, filled with the same all-consuming solar energy that elevates over the vain, fleeting, compelling, often against our will, to ponder the eternal, indestructible by time or distance.

In his early stories, you will surely feel special, with nothing comparable to the flavor of the irrepressible youth, insatiable thirst of wandering and discovery. And will experience a beneficial presence (not interference!) the great Jack London, Rudyard Joseph Kipling, which once again demonstrates the Golden truth: nothing is born in a vacuum. Ernest Hemingway did not deny the influence on their work of Leo Tolstoy, as, indeed, many writers decisive influence on their formation of Nikolai Gogol, and Anton Chekhov. Stanislav Losev is not an exception from this number, but rather a confirmation of this is to learn from the luminaries of the Words and develop their own artistic style - it is very useful and necessary. And the years of training were not in vain. Originality of talent Stanislav Losev at the time was Viktor Astafiev, Valentin Rasputin, Mikola Vingranovsky, whose unerring literary instinct no one can deny.

Not only works of Stanislaus full of romance. His whole biography is woven from surprising surprises, contrasts and paradoxes worthy of a good novel.

Born Stanislav Ivanovich Losev may 31, 1945 in the city of Svatovo of the Luhansk region. For parents was a difficult child. After reading Jack London and Jules Verne, three had run away from home. It was found that on the ship in the open sea, in the poetic mountains of Georgia. Craving for sea adventures brought a young man after graduating from high school in nautical school. It seemed that the cherished dream of my childhood nearby. The distribution received on the ship, which was returning from Sydney to home port. And at this moment comes a summons from the military. Three years of service in top secret missile troops, is completely deprived of opportunities in the coming years to see the world...

After serving time in the army, goes to College. A lot of time gives to the literary work. Receives favorable opinions of senior colleagues - he then visited the oldest in Ukraine, the literary group them. Paul Is Merciless. A childhood dream - to learn about the world and ourselves within it - haunted. And on the eve of the 1980 Olympic games, the kid decided on a incredible pace that surprised the entire Soviet Union from Vladivostok to Brest makes a bold transition in honor of the Olympic games: on foot, by kayak, on horseback. No he did not give money to this adventurous (in the best sense of the word!) event. Inspired by the regional youth newspaper, which - to avoid confusion on the part of the authorities and guardians of the law in police uniform - issued press credentials. For the year of this extraordinary journey Losev read over two hundred free lectures about the Olympic movement, wrote in various newspaper articles so much, how many usually write three professional journalist. Lived on the fees himself and sent money to the family. Thousands of kilometers to triumphantly overcome the young man, can be called thousands of kilometers of pedagogy, spiritual and physical riches of the Person!

Today, as always before, Stanislav lives interesting and fun in the small town of Kreminne, located in the Luhansk region and is famous for its healing places of pristine nature. He is a member of the National Union of writers of Ukraine. His extraordinary literary talent burns with inexhaustible fire. Here is a response to the manuscript stories by Stanislaw known Ukrainian social activist, poetess Olena Bondarenko:

"The Losev heroes - those people whose hands constantly built our "today" and "tomorrow". Complex and sometimes contradictory their characters, their Outlook on life, their fates, thoughts, reactions to events, but one thing unites them - an honest attitude to work, life and the world around us.

The most successful, in my opinion, a small volume of stories (in which fuller reveals the author's talent) - for example: the short story "Daughter", leaving the feeling of some genuine and bitter truthfulness; or the story "the Roses of the Blizzard" with the main character Dmitry Linesim, modest and rather shy, sometimes clumsy, inept in something a man of high dreams. And other works - "the Last road" "Watch for Kolka", "Board" - I'm not afraid of big words, that's fine, it's real. And it is written intelligently, with knowledge of what is being written, and with a deep understanding of the human soul.

The feeling of the transience of our days, the urge to look at the past and fear - and suddenly there, in the past, that was best, and frustration and once again the hope - no doubt the reader will call these feelings the stories "Answer, happiness", "Aisulu" and "Hello sunshine"."

Only a man who knows how to feel deeply and sincerely sympathize, empathize, could write these things.

S. Losev people with serious knowledge going in literature his way, with his individual style of writing. The author perfectly depicts nature, that there are at least lines from the author's entry: "...a spring, covered with a crust of morning ice, flashing me, pulsing under the ice. Cling - it is absolutely transparent, tranese - matte pale". In most of the author's clearly deep knowledge of the lives of his characters, his attitude towards them and Pro-active attitude of the S. Losev".

I stress that this is the opinion of the poet. But the real lyrics - people are sensitive, delicate, hypocrisy is not tolerated, they are not caught with chaff! You, dear readers, of course, drew attention to the several times repeated in different variations of the word "empathy"? So, sympathy for ordinary people from Stanislav Losev was based on the natural desire to help them specifically, both spiritually and physically, which is quite natural for such an extraordinary personality like him. To this end, he founded in kremennaia the capital of health "the Gift of Ukraine", where "born again into the light" many of our compatriots. The secret of healing of the afflicted - the healing breath and the easy method of removing any concerns. An example of the effectiveness of it is the Stanislav: he was already 65, but looking at it, you are unlikely to give him this age. Practical advice of traditional healer formed the basis of the relevant special brochures, reading that, get aesthetic pleasure:

We are enthusiastic don Quixote tilting at windmills, unaware that it is against what we are fighting, motivates and develops us, changing our level of consciousness, but at the same time and characterizes us. So this world is arranged so, that's a development from the gross awareness of the pain, hunger or heat, sexual pleasure until you feel subtle spiritual structures, to intuitive feeling".

And I inevitably there is the feeling that still ahead of us new Dating with the creative highs of the writer Stanislav Losev. I wish all we want to say, "be of good cheer, Stanislav! You somehow feel more comfortable in this not quite cozy life".